I ask you …. is there really any truth in opinions … or is it all just a fantasy of someone elses ego? If you look back to the time of the great philosophers, Aristotle, and the like,  one  would think that the charge of independent thought without any qualifing evidence  is just a brash outburst of  a small spoiled  child..

Hummmm …. maybe there is some truth in that.

Oddly enough, I just finished a product review on Amazon  which  has to do with a digital download of a book to my Kindle device.  I found the content and information given very good; however, the grammar and structural errors made me wonder if the booklet had been proof-read .

It was very distracting.

I did include that I realized the problems with downloading printed formating to digital sometime has its problems. I’ve had pieces published that either had formating “hick-ups,” or the editors just decided to do it their way. 

*That, of course, is just my opinion. 

best to all,


It’s really starting to sink in … this is my final year of being a senior!!! 

Of course, I was a senior last year, and the year before that; but this year – IT”S FOR REAL.

As a lot of folks around me might “text” …. OMG!!!

My friends on “Facebook” may actually acknowledge me ……LOL!!!!!

I started this gauntlet in 1972, in a community college in Virginia Bch., Va. And as life would have it; its only taken a mere 41 yrs to get to B a serious graduation threat. I have bunches of hours from bunches of schools I’ve attended through my “maturing years;” but, now, I’m close. I can see the cap & gown actually having to be “let-out” because I’m not 23 anymore. ………………… Sweet!

Their probably gonna have to get me a chair on the podium so I can rest once I get up there …….. Sweet!

I wonder if they’ll let me: bow, or dance a victory “touch-down” dance like them football guys, maybe wave the school flag in one hand and my “blank” makeshift diploma to be mailed later after they make sure all my “fees”, parking tickets and such have been paid.

Monday morning, I’m gonna sit in the parking lot before anyone gets there … daybreak should be soon enough … and glory in my potential. I’ll get to watch all the “freshman” running helter-skelter being: LOST, LOST, LOST!! If they ask me directions, which usually happens because I’m old enough to look like I’ve been there a long time and know where every class is, who teaches it, and what it’ll take to get an”A”; I’ll nonchalantly yawn, a boring yawn, and “roll my eyes – and then put back on my dark-sunglasses. (I’ll have those even though it’s supposed to rain).

My first class isn’t until 10:45; I’ll arrive fashionably late. I’ll slowly survey the class over like Humphrey Bogartt trying to be aloof while cigarette smoke is ‘burn’n’ his eye. Dr. Lloyd will look up from his teaching podium, and indicate the front row seat nearest the door that he has been saving for me.A hush will fall over the class. All will be anxious to see if I’ll actually stay for class or fawn illness.

 AHHHH the trials and tribulations of being a SENIOR.          SWEET!!!!!!!!!

Best until next week!


“Summertime … and the liv’n is easy””

Bye! Bye! till fall!!!

Have a good one all.


How simple our lives would be if everything we thought, or did that was stupid or unwarranted … we could just move to the trash.

I’m prone to offering unsolicited advice, or, at the very least, an unwanted bit of wisdom …” Why, you may ask?”

My reply may go something like this:

“On one hand, being I’ve been around the block a time or two, and I don’t exactly know what you may need, although my experience wasn’t exactly the same as yours, maybe this will work for you.” …


“Well, just listen to what I’ve got to say, and then you can see if it makes sense?…

… Silence … “No thanks, I’ll handle it.”

” No, I’m sure I can help!!”


Odd, I hate it when people do that to me. I don’t know why I have such a hard time “zipp’n my lip?’  Do you think it comes with age and you are really trying to help, or, is it just your ego gett’n in the way? I remember when I was a bit younger than now, I wanted to find my own way … be it good, bad or ugly. Even today, I still use the ol’ allege … If it doesn’t kill ya, it’ll just make you stronger.

I hope I’ll get out of this “habit” soon.

But, until I do … I guess I’ll just havta continue …. tak’n my ego and mov’n it to the trash!!!!!!

Thanks for stop’n and read’n my ramblings!!

Bye! Bye!



Life is good!! The temp was 73 today, Sunny … warm; it’s mid January. Everybody, including meself, wear’n shorts and tee’s to class. Life is Good!!

Things are starting to flow; everyones starting to get to know one another; folks that are gonna drop a class … have; the prof’s are starting to fine tune and all systems are go. Spent a great deal of time in the library today, spin’n up for the “paperchase”.

Theres gonna be a LOT of read’n an writ’n this semester. OMG … what have I done to myself??

Was this what I was really entertaining?  One blogger suggested I should read more “Zombee” nonfiction … “tales from the crypt” and such. Maybe some “slash and burn” mideval themes … Spanish Inquistion … the rake … “Braum Stoker’s’ Daracula ( one of my favorites, I might add). We’re gonna do some Poe – “The Tell Tale Heart” … tick toc.

Maybe by midterm:        …. Don’t yah just love’m??   This is what happens when I come home from classes and start read’n comments and listen’n to “Meatloaf”.

All in all, its been a great week. Think I’ll go fish’n this weekend. Helps me think … ponder’n nature and all. What an amazing planet we inhabit with other species. I was walk’n me dog yesterday morning and there was this little finch in a bush not far from our path. I was astonished by the amount of vocal power this  this critter hard. We walked on about a block and that  bird still sounded like he was sing’n through a “Bose” system.

I’ll tellya … I ain’t never!!

I think I’ll dedicate this blog inspiration to a young lady that blogs by:

If your into “zombyites” … or not. Seems nice and writes some interesting stuff. Chk her out!!

Everyone … have a great week!!!!

Remember; Live life … its good4ya!!!       🙂