… age

OR                              … beauty?????

Man … I’ll tell-ya, thats a lot-o-competition; especially, when beauty has brains too!

A new semester is upon me. January 17th, and it’s every student for themself (unless …of course, I need help … which happens ..  Oh-kasionally). What fun I have … to go up against “smarter than smart” students; under-grads and pre-master young folks that take their writing and literary worlds very seriously. It’s definitely … “no slack for the weary”. I like to challenge the class (which always includes the instructor who did her Doctorial on the exact thesis which is under discussion) with one of my ideas of the whats right or wrong (HAH!) about a particular premise … sometimes I get to be the HERO; and then again, it’s … “here, take that me boy and go to your corner … and no whimper’n allowed”. But playing the devil’s advocate, a role I love , doesn’t allow you to sit and lick your wounds long. It’s grab a handful of band aides and jump right back  into the “fray”.

Never let’m c-ya sweat!!!!!

Live life … Its good 4ya!!!