Virginia Woolf applies this statement when defining the role of the “lift-man” in her novel, To the Lighthouse. What an extra ordinary piece of work from many POV’s.

Slave class can be rendered into many different definitions. I believe so many people consider the word “slave” as applying to: Africans brought to this country in the early the progression period to work the fields, etc of both the Southern and Northern land-owners/ wealthy gentry and founding “fathers” of this country. But, that issue is not my thesis of this post. 

I would like to consider applying that connotation to our “lower to middle class.” By this I mean: teachers and professors that we count on to educate our children, and in some cases, senior-citizens like myself. I, as an ongoing academic, get to know my professors on levels few 20-year-old college students do. I see the effort demanded of them: time, continuing self-education, demands to “publish” so as to secure their tenure, a country that blames the educators first because our children’s intelligence is ranked so low within the world educational levels, etc. Our universities are filled with academics that have taught 25 – 30 yrs and more. If the truth be known … most can’t afford to retire. (I know, a lot of ordinary folks are in that boat; but just about all the professionals I’m speaking of have a Doctorate Degree). We’re talking years of “higher/continuing” education just to secure their job. (People say: “Well, they chose that career!” … And, an honorable career it is.)

But, don’t you think there’s something wrong when a society demands an institution to pass this child because he/her has the potential to become a great sports figure and earn millions of dollars. Money earned off the backs of the elected to carry that person (deserving or not; education be dammed) on to the “promised land of sportsman extordinaire.”

Is that the same as a “slave class?”

I would like to add an argument for the many talented athletes that I so love to watch on the weekends. I applaud their work ethics, their ability to deal with the social demands put on them, and the many sacrifices they do make for my entertainment.

But really, is anyone worth $160 million, or whatever some of these folks get paid, … really???????

What about the people: fireman, policeman, military, and so many more, that go in harm’s way so I have a safe place to live. Aren’t they worth more than my gratitude? What about the educators that try to guide our children to into adulthood so they will one day inherit and take care of us.

Are we the slave class??


Everyone … Please vote!!! And, please vote your conscience.

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Maybe my parents felt that way about me; and their parents, them. As a student/ senior citizen/ late voter in the 2012 presidential campaign/ general consumer, etc; I’m starting to wonder about the young peoples of today that will someday run this nation. When I was my university peer group’s age, the era was 1968 thru 1970’s; an epoc of time that was one of the most sociallly controversial of our nation next to our War of Independence. The “hippies and political junkies” of then … ended up … running this nation … now.

How scary is that?

Everywhere I look now, people are constantly “plugged in.” Whether it’s cell, texting, Facebook, Skype, and many other electrical, wizardly wonders of the techno-world; one things for sure, … we are growing a culture that may have no need of a “vocal” language.  The computer I’m printing this on can change this English “font” into most any language at the touch of a key-stroke. What a wonder that is. We as a culture have defeated the Tower of Bable. At what stage do we take on the etheral – or maybe we already are!

Pardon, I wander in my argument.

I wonder about the halls of University – that hallowed ground. “Most all” students are plugged in. Their eyes are pointed on nothing, they’re lips move w/out saying anything. They walk in a predetermined fashion to an understood point. They acknowledge their friends by a nod or smile; at times, they stop to talk – the ear buds remain in place.

I go to visiting speakers, individuals that have made an impack within their life’s mission. The PAC (The Center for Performing ), a very large university setting – the accustics are excellent.  At the height of a speaker’s auditory – a “musical ringtone goes off. I mean really, how rude can you be? 

Can people NOT live “plugged-in” for 1-2 hours?

And, what do I say when I watch a patrolman, in his patrol car, set through a green light … texting?

Everyone have a greatdae!


***P.S.   Be sure to look both ways when crossing they street, it’s getting dangerous out there.

“Summertime … and the liv’n is easy””

Bye! Bye! till fall!!!

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I’ve been having this “little” problem most of my life. I believe it’s called …… giving your opinion when it’s not wanted, or, needed!

You ever suffer from that????

Since retiring, I’ve found what works in industry maybe doesn’t always apply in an academic setting. My fellow students seem so mentally “fragile.” Their ego’s suffer terribly … or, it is possible mine has been abused so much over the years, its pretty difficult to dent it. …  Thats a shame!!!

Do we, as we grow, encounter life and it’s “normalties,” to become so immune to the psychological trama of daily controversy, atttude adjustment via a constant stream of encrotchment by our technology,  social interaction, and just “self-ego” that we don’t even know when we’ve crossed that “barrier of rudeness?” Or is it, we just don’t care anymore?

Odd, years ago, I would have used the “f” word as normal conversation … now it bothers me. I’m still kind-of an ego maniac, I just don’t say f… in conversation because now I find it rude … maybe not to the person that I’m talking with, but what about the impressionable person just walking by. “It’s kinda like second-hand-smoke.” And, I know a lot of folks  except rudeness as the nature of cultural change. Did you ever hear Mr. Rogers”  use that word or any other questionable language in his TV show? ……NO!!!!

Times have changed. And, I’m sure there are folks that feel I should get-over-it. Maybe your right … or not!!  At the university, I see the tee-shirts that say “If my music is to loud … your too old.” I remember having a tee like that in 1971.  I got-over-it!!!!

My argument is: its not the music volume, inappropriate language, or the second hand smoke ….. I believe that there are other people living along side us that may not share our values. That being said maybe you should consider them, … because you sure don’t want your life infringed upon … DO YOU???

I’m trying to be nicer to my young impressionable academic peers and maybe they wont grow up being …. RUDE. Like me.

*Course now, I read a saying a long time back: “To improve a man, you must start with his grandmother.” ( But, I’m not gonna put me and my behavior of being a “butt-head,” off on my grandmother or mother,’ they were both good women and God bless’m’ … what I am has been 90% self taught , so maybe I can 90% unteach me.)

You-all be well out-there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye and G’dae tuya!!!!!!


How ANYONE, male or female, could possibly be a part of any political party that backs a revolting individual like him is …. well …  they damn well deserve what they get.  I realize we live in a country where free speech is a wonderful privilege, but honestly, I mean …. REALLY?  The man turns my stomach … “gag”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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