AFTER 43 YEARS … I have finally achieved being “educated.” Or, have I??????????????

what I mean by this is …. it is my understanding by “unsourced” definitions in today’s society, anyone who has achieved a bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher learning has officially joined the ranks of the educated. So, at the ripe young age of 67, I have finally gained enough university credits to graduate with a B.A.

That being said, and to be brutally honest, this “paper chase” has, in reality, become just a part of the life I have and am currently living. To that I will add: What a great experience it has been and continues to be.

I stand amazed at the truth held by that statement for me.

I have worked, as have many others, to achieve academia … I thought there would be more of a mental “fire-storm” experienced.  It seems possible the exhilaration expected has been dulled by the time spent chasing.

I believe though, I’m missing the bigger picture.

To live this long and achieve what I’ve done in my life …. I have been blessed.




It’s really starting to sink in … this is my final year of being a senior!!! 

Of course, I was a senior last year, and the year before that; but this year – IT”S FOR REAL.

As a lot of folks around me might “text” …. OMG!!!

My friends on “Facebook” may actually acknowledge me ……LOL!!!!!

I started this gauntlet in 1972, in a community college in Virginia Bch., Va. And as life would have it; its only taken a mere 41 yrs to get to B a serious graduation threat. I have bunches of hours from bunches of schools I’ve attended through my “maturing years;” but, now, I’m close. I can see the cap & gown actually having to be “let-out” because I’m not 23 anymore. ………………… Sweet!

Their probably gonna have to get me a chair on the podium so I can rest once I get up there …….. Sweet!

I wonder if they’ll let me: bow, or dance a victory “touch-down” dance like them football guys, maybe wave the school flag in one hand and my “blank” makeshift diploma to be mailed later after they make sure all my “fees”, parking tickets and such have been paid.

Monday morning, I’m gonna sit in the parking lot before anyone gets there … daybreak should be soon enough … and glory in my potential. I’ll get to watch all the “freshman” running helter-skelter being: LOST, LOST, LOST!! If they ask me directions, which usually happens because I’m old enough to look like I’ve been there a long time and know where every class is, who teaches it, and what it’ll take to get an”A”; I’ll nonchalantly yawn, a boring yawn, and “roll my eyes – and then put back on my dark-sunglasses. (I’ll have those even though it’s supposed to rain).

My first class isn’t until 10:45; I’ll arrive fashionably late. I’ll slowly survey the class over like Humphrey Bogartt trying to be aloof while cigarette smoke is ‘burn’n’ his eye. Dr. Lloyd will look up from his teaching podium, and indicate the front row seat nearest the door that he has been saving for me.A hush will fall over the class. All will be anxious to see if I’ll actually stay for class or fawn illness.

 AHHHH the trials and tribulations of being a SENIOR.          SWEET!!!!!!!!!

Best until next week!


That may not be a big deal to some folks, but, 2 me, I believe it’s a rare and opportune moment in my life.  This marvel of my ability started in 1973; I was a freshman at GSU. Just back from the wars and ready to party. College, that’s what Georgia Southern University was at that time, a small home-town college. But, the beer was cold, weed was flowing and the women were well “playful.”

I flunked out in my second quarter. That didn’t take long ….. did it?

 So that was the start of a life long search, …. kind of “quest in search of the golden goose.” Little did I know then, this search would take me full circle right back to GSU – forty years later. Now, I’ve finally made it to within 20 semester hrs of gaining that piece of paper that tells “me … I am officially EDUCATED.” 

For what that’s worth?

Well, for me, it’s a goal long sought after. Fortunately, I didn’t need that “parchment” to make a relatively good living in this country I call home. Would I have been better off having gained a degree in my 20’s and then taken on the world …. that, nobody will ever know. The one really great thing about this country we live in: Everyone has the potential to become financially prosperous or “homeless.”

I was having a conversation with a young lady at the university – her being in the student advisement dept and all – about this exact subject: If I should have turned “right” instead of “left” way back then. All I know is if I had maybe I wouldn’t be here today, going to university and having the ability to form and project my own scholarships to help financially the students I go to class with everyday.

Odd – how things work out!!

That’s about it! If you have time,  please visit my website “linked” to this webpage there at the top. It’s called “George K. Brannen English Scholars Fund. org,” and you can get to it via this page or the web. If you would care to help me with it … me and all the students it represents would appreciate you. If you feel that’s not right for you, then maybe it will inspire you to do something on your own. It really doesn’t take a great deal of $ (just a commitment on your part) to create a scholarship, and most colleges and universities are more that happy help with matching funds or whatever and for you join them in their mission. Especially now, with the financial situational cut-backs from Congress; those folks have really put our educational system in a bind.

Bye for now!     


And, what a great break it has been. Even for me, one who’s whole life is about being on break. Well, … maybe not! Everyone needs a positive direction; mine happens to be continuing learning about stuff.

I’ll be a senior this year, of course, I was a senior last year; and, if all goes as planned, I’ll be able to define myself as “educated.” A title that has alluded me for a life-time.  I would say it’s my own fault; I would prefer to use the term, … “choice.” In the middle of my freshman year, 1973, I decided my mental direction lay elsewhere; to voyage with the less academic level, and focus on the “layman’s” technical side. That decision, for me, proved the right choice!  The road I chose confirmed my suspicions … you can survive in this country and make a pretty decent living. It just takes a lot more perseverance.

Something else I found out along the way.  Any person could walk the same road I did; it’s just a bit easier if you have that piece of paper. It may not make you more intelligent; but, it sure helps.

Now I have the opportunity to reevaluate my journey, and hopefully help others figure out their side by looking at my side. One things for sure: “Everyone has a unique side to the story!”

Thank you for stopping by, and if you get a minute: pls check out the link to my “Scholar’s Fund.”  (It’s not complete, … but, I’m working on it.)

Bye for now!


I am concerned by this word that entails so much meaning. Merriam-Webster defines this ideal as: ” an act or gift done or made for humanitarian purposes.” To be candid about it, I’m not even sure how I got to this point in my life. I would like to think: “It had to be some preordained path or fate to allow me the discipline of wanting to help others; because, my life or notions never gave me reason to set such a path.”

I, like so many others, came up through the ranks of life in “survival” mode. As some of my former blogs will attest, I’ve survived sixty-five years of: twists, turns, bumps, bruises, bouts of ignorance that were just unbelievable, and now – I’m here.  A university student doing the “paper-chase;” looking for that golden apple I missed so long ago.  Amazing, to say the least!

Actually, I’m about to graduate; a year or so, if I continue on my 9 hour per semester schedule. (I’ll explain that: “I’m retired.” I like to fish, take it easy, … not work so hard.) About mid-July of 2012, I was sitting around mentally rewarding myself for my goal setting prowess and accomplishments therein. Then, out came this question: “What the hell have I actually accomplished in my life – besides making it here in almost one-piece?” I realized I had done some good things, bad things, and sadly, some “ugly” things; but – NO GREAT THINGS for others; no items to really “extend ” myself in a more sense of humanism.

To the point: “If I were going to write my legacy on my tomb-stone … what would it say?” Here lies George, and he should be remembered because of ………………………….. WHAT????????????

(*This blog, I started writing it several days ago only to: think and trash, think and trash, etc.)

It’s a new year, and with it,  I’ve decided to start my own foundation. There, I’ve said it!

I’ve chosen to do this fund through my “University Advancement and Gift Foundation” at GSU. My fund is listed as the : George K. Brannen English Scholarship Fund. and the acct # 3703. It’s not very big now, but I have aspirations. It’s mostly directed toward English scholars that want to go on to graduate school and teach. Lord knows we need good teachers in Georgia, U.S.A.; I think we rank something like the 20’s nation wide. (That’s a B average after everything is considered.  The classroom here has improved; but I would like to think it can be better.)  Many of the upper-class students that are serious Graduate school candidates need to travel to different seminars/workshops which can only enhance their abilities as future instructors. This takes money that many of them don’t have. So, I decided to try and do a little something to help.  In Georgia, if a person is 62 years or older, state University is FREE . Books are the only charge, and I buy those used, … cheep! cheep! I thought that is a good reason for me to try to return the favor and in turn … help my state gain a bit of educational respect. If my SGA (Student Government Association) can pony-up some money to help all students that go to school here; surely I could shoulder the cost of a few.

I’d really like to think: “It’s the right thing for me to do!”

Since I’m a bit of novice  at things like this, I’m not really sure where and what actions I will work at from here. I am sure, some direction will show-up if I pay attention. *Constructive ideas are most welcome! 

OK! That’s about it. Thanks for stopping by.

Good Year to everyone!!!