I do, but not so much anymore. But, ya know, I was reading a narrative essay by Anne Lamott, a published instructor of writing, and she was saying:”getting published is not the point, getting published shows that you have arrived. It gives you purpose.” What a good perspective.

I, of course, am new at the “writing for publication” world and realize I need to tune my craft a bit more, which I might add is ok with me. As I go back and edit some of the work I’ve sent out … I’m not sure if I would publish it either. That being said, it makes me a better writer, listener and critical reader.

I applaud people who can sit down and just draft and redraft, then use a bit of “air brush” and they’re narrative or whatever is look’n good. Thats not me yet … BUT, I will persevere.

I also have no thoughts of ever making a living at writing. I’m retired. Already made my living, now I get to do what I couldn’t all those years in the “industry of the employed”.  Chase after things that are fun to chase, mysteries with worth. Write essays of memoir, personal issues and just what delights me.

To read the great, and not-so-great, authors of the 18th, 19th, and 20th century. To relish over a new published writer with stories to tell. So little time, so much to read.

I started going to the library in I believe 1951, give or take a year or two. All children should be library seasoned. Whether it be: paperback, on-line, or all the really neat “reader-gadgets” out there. What a world of literary information is open to every one of every age and it should not go unexplored.

Oh well, I’ve had my say.

Thank you for stopping bye and be well.

Haven’t felt like blogging in awhile. Life is goin so well … to tell the truth, I’m not sure what to do with it cause … I have several great options and their both winners. As some know and some don’t, I’m retired and my second occupation is “education” and the absorption there of.  Heres the deal. My first and foremost quest is to become “educated” i.e. obtain a Bachelors in something. I have a an Associates in Applied Science and a lifetime of technical certs from a lifetime of work. What I don’t have … is a four-year-you-done-it-degree!!!!

My two educational loves are Literature and Writing. And this is where the “tear” comes in. Over the years (40 or so) I’ve managed to gather lotsa college credits; so that puts me on a 4000-5000 level course choices, and I’ve been adding to that for the last year or two. My EPA is 3.85 which gives me more “leverage”.

Therein lies the problem! In the state of Georgia, USA, if your over  the age of 62, all levels of University is free, including Graduate school. (I just have to pickup my book expense … and, with all the used book dealers out there, is no big deal.)  I can graduate with a General Studies degree next  Fall. My English-Lit professor wants me to go on to Graduate School, but, to do that she would like me to go back and pickup some 1000 and 2000 level courses in Latin and such; maybe some lower level Lit courses for foundation purposes. To do that would put me probably 2 years away from a BA.

Its pretty hard to do a double major in Gen Studies ( this degree is made up of three minors) with a total of 126 credit hours.

I mean, it’s not like I need to get outa school and find a job …. done did that. Worked thirty-five years … THAT B ENOUGH!

So, that be my problem. Its just such a worry-some thing.

Thanks for stopping bye!!    G.

I have over stepped me mental ability to cope. The academic paperchase has become a molten mass of “gue”; an unstoppable, insatiable, monstorous evergrowing heap of ” the blob” that is at this moment attacking my psyche.        Oh MAMA!!! … What do I do now??

The read’n, the writ’n, the rithmatic … Oh MAMA!!!! The storm approachs and there be no safe harbor in site.   

Bale out … never. We will fight to the last body can breath a morsel of air.

Rally! … Rally! Let the cry go out! I may hafta look up one of them “support” groups  … a study tri-athlon specializ’n in academic mental emergencies. I know … I’ll rest for a minute.

……….1 min……….    OK, I’m back!!

Now!! … life at university has been a bit more of a challenge than usual. On the other hand, we were endowed with the opportunity to have an established poet come and do a Q&A session and have a reading presentation of his work.

So … here is my query!!!!

Is it necessary to have the “F” word infused in today’s literature? Some people claim its part of their artistic style; others refer to it as just a general form of slang. I personally find it unnecessary. Why can’t a writer, especially an established, published author find a differant word to portray the image his psyche feels the need to bring forward? Why would a writer of excellent, sonnet poetry break the mood and rythm of  meaning  and wonderful verse by injecting the “F” word.

Is society getting so “lost” that people accept any form of language no matter how insulting it may be to others. Just to clear the air, I’m 64 and I have been “around the block a few times” and I used language I shouldn’t have in public.  Looking back on time, a great deal of what I’ve said has probably did more harm than good. I also believe theres a time and place for everything, I’m just not so sure that our lack of dignity isn’t getting out of control. I walk around campus and eat in the student cafes and listen to some of the language used; but to my knowledge, I don’t believe any of my professors prefer I use vulgar language in any of my research, essay, free verse or anything else I turn in for summation.

Maybe … its true what a person said to me years ago. “To improve a child, you must start with their grandmother.”

The truth can be a cruel master!!

Thanks for reading and I hope all has a greatdae!!      🙂


Life is good!! The temp was 73 today, Sunny … warm; it’s mid January. Everybody, including meself, wear’n shorts and tee’s to class. Life is Good!!

Things are starting to flow; everyones starting to get to know one another; folks that are gonna drop a class … have; the prof’s are starting to fine tune and all systems are go. Spent a great deal of time in the library today, spin’n up for the “paperchase”.

Theres gonna be a LOT of read’n an writ’n this semester. OMG … what have I done to myself??

Was this what I was really entertaining?  One blogger suggested I should read more “Zombee” nonfiction … “tales from the crypt” and such. Maybe some “slash and burn” mideval themes … Spanish Inquistion … the rake … “Braum Stoker’s’ Daracula ( one of my favorites, I might add). We’re gonna do some Poe – “The Tell Tale Heart” … tick toc.

Maybe by midterm:        …. Don’t yah just love’m??   This is what happens when I come home from classes and start read’n comments and listen’n to “Meatloaf”.

All in all, its been a great week. Think I’ll go fish’n this weekend. Helps me think … ponder’n nature and all. What an amazing planet we inhabit with other species. I was walk’n me dog yesterday morning and there was this little finch in a bush not far from our path. I was astonished by the amount of vocal power this  this critter hard. We walked on about a block and that  bird still sounded like he was sing’n through a “Bose” system.

I’ll tellya … I ain’t never!!

I think I’ll dedicate this blog inspiration to a young lady that blogs by: http://acoffeeshopwriter.wordpress.com

If your into “zombyites” … or not. Seems nice and writes some interesting stuff. Chk her out!!

Everyone … have a great week!!!!

Remember; Live life … its good4ya!!!       🙂

“We know the sound of two hands clapping.

But, what is the sound of one hand clapping?

– A Zen Koan

Thats why I returned to academics.

I Just LOVE it!!

Live life … its good 4ya!!          G.